The beginning


The Doer

Planted in London, blossomed in Essex. I have a degree in Psychology and a qualification in Wedding Planning, I’m a Civil Servant with a side business. I have a child, I hate ironing and I cannot bake to save my life. I’m very organised,  I don’t always do the things I organise but I know when they should be happening.

I have a knee condition, a mental health problem and I would like to have nicer teeth, but I do quite like my hair and the fact I fit in a size 3 shoe so can shop in the kids section if I want. I have an ineffective filter which some people find endearing, I love those people.

The Plan

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding blogs out there and in all honesty you might not thing this one is any different. I enjoy all the aspects of wedding planning but I think it’s something every couple should experience together, no matter how perfect a decision made by someone else seems, how do you know how much you love something if you haven’t seen everything? Of course we haven’t got time to see EVERYTHING, that’s why I try to keep my wedding posts down to five points, that way it shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes to read and hopefully you’ll have learnt a few things without needing to trawl through the most read pages on google – if they’re the highest rated they’re probably the most read, therefore the ideas will be the least original.

All said and done this website is also my business, its a display of my creativity and ability to design and create things from start to finish. If I was in it for the money though I would have sold my soul to the designing devils by now and be working for some big company where the boss gets my name wrong. I know myself, and I know I would lose the love for art if it became my 9-5, which is why it’s my pride and joy instead.

I also intend to document how I made decisions on what to do with the business, the things that went right and the things that went wrong. I’ll share some of the key pieces of information that helped me, I’ll tell you things that will save you time, talk about the times I couldn’t sleep at night because I had too many ideas, the things that inspire me and advice on how to cope when your peers aren’t as happy for you as you thought they would be. It’s all here.

Do I need a disclaimer?

Just for arse covering sake I’m going to point out I only write my opinions as someone starting a business, I’m not a paid blogger and I don’t advertise for people. I have no affiliations, my opinions and products don’t reflect on anyone else.


Founder of Edge and Virtue.


About Author

Well hello!

I'm Emma, a graduate and mother who designs and creates affordable cards and gifts in her spare time (rather than baking, sewing, reading stories or chucking out the dead plants that have taken over the conservatory).

I started Edge & Virtue in 2017 because I couldn't find the perfect cards and gifts to give to the people I put up with every day, any I did find were unjustifiably expensive or mass printed for everyone to buy in our one local card shop, so I created an etsy shop for people just like me who had a varying degree of hatred towards the people in their life and therefore needed gifts and cards to accurately reflect this.

I live in Essex (there are mostly idiots here the tv show doesn't lie), where my family and job take up most of my time so I'm currently operating out of my terraced house which doesn't allow dogs, in a street where my neighbour calls himself 'Lord of the Close' so if you sense some angry and bitter tones in my work, you are not wrong my friend.

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