Five Bright Ideas For Every Bride To Be

I’ve almost completed my most recent qualification in Wedding Planning and Events Management, two more units to go! One of them is on overseas weddings so I want to make sure I’m completely free for a couple of hours to focus on it as Geography isn’t my strong point and I think I should invest some time into an Atlas beforehand…

Anyway, after doing a fair bit of reading and research I’ve compiled my five bright ideas to think about ahead of your big day.

  1. Number your RSVPs so that each one corresponds to a guest or family. This is my pain in the backside over-organised self speaking but it will help you collate the responses better and if you’re anything like me you’re awful at reading other people’s handwriting, and what if they don’t name it at all?! Alternatively, do what a few of my friends have done and have people RSVP to an email address, then you can save them all in one easy to access folder.
  2. My other half hates envelope glue, which isn’t a problem for the odd birthday card but when you have a large quantity to send out you’re asking for paper cut pouts and dry tongues. Use a sponge and a shallow bowl of water, it’s much easier.
  3. SAVE THE PLANET WHILE SAVING MONEY. Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong. You can pick up second hand items from sites such as Recycle Your Wedding, or even browse the wedding pages on social media. You’ll be able to find décor, favours, dresses and much more. If you’re insistent on having everything brand new (And that’s fine too it’s personal preference) then maybe consider helping others out by listing your used items, and recuperating some of your money at the same time.
  4. If you’re receiving cash gifts for the honeymoon, make sure you research your banks policies for cashing and depositing cheques for joint accounts. The last thing you want is to need to ask your generous friends and family to write out new cheques because they can’t be deposited.
  5. And finally, veil weights. You can purchase tiny veil weights to keep your headpiece from flying away, if you have a spring or autumn wedding, or are having your wedding close to a seafront, these little treasures will save your photographs, and your hairdo!
Plaits were a big trend in 2017, and they’re here to stay. Elegant and fuss free, there’s one for every kind of bride.

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