Five Must Know Wedding Hacks

Between thrifty shopping and thinking ahead, these five wedding hacks will have you covered before the big day.


1.Jars have been incredibly popular for decor over the last couple of years, but does the idea of scraping off old sticky jam labels put you off? Worry no more my dear, just mix together vegetable oil and baking soda in equal parts and smother it on, the label should come off cleanly with minimal residue left behind.

2.If you’re renting any décor make sure you use them at every possible opportunity. A Cocktail table doubles up brilliantly as a dessert bar, and your table setting vases from the day may be able to moonlight as a candle holder. Also, if you buy any of those lamped LOVE letters, see if you can get them relocated for the evening so that you can get the maximum photo opportunities in two different places.

3.Lost count of the amount of wedding fairs you’ve attended? Keep finding yourself standing around waiting to enter the raffles and prize draws. You don’t have that sort of time to waste you’re planning your wedding! So when you get a spare few at home, make small labels or cards with your name, address, email and wedding date on and take them to said events, ready to pop in the bowl and be on your way.

4.I love cake. But you know what I love even more than normal cake? Discount cake. I am almost certain you would have noticed by now that as soon as you put the word wedding in front of anything the price will increase. A perfect example if the three tier wedding cake in M&S with a few ‘pearls’ on which starts at £199. If you’re not fussed about the traditional fruit cake you can choose between a sponge or red velvet cake, with three tiers, for £84 – £126 dependant on size, a saving of up to £115 which is more than enough to buy some beautiful decorations which either you or a creative friend can place. Many artificial flower shops will be able to offer you cake toppers to match your bridal bouquets, so order a plain cake with some ribbon on, pop one of those on top and you have yourself a beautiful, in budget wedding cake. Have a little look on websites such as ebay for ‘Flower Cake Topper’ or ‘Sugar Flowers’ for ideas

5.Try to prevent busy bar areas by ensuring there is at least one bartender for every thirty guests, if you can get them to provide a waiter service for everyone’s first drinks (or to give drinks to those with tokens if you’re using that method) this will also reduce queue times. If your venue has a bar which is cash only, make sure this is written on your venue information in your invitation, especially if there is nowhere to get cash nearby.


If you’re not fussed having the traditional fruit cake you can choose between a sponge or red velvet cake, with three tiers, for £84 – £126 dependant on size.

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