How to use social media to plan your wedding.

Something that Brides to Be and Bloggers/Businesses definitely have in common is that they are active on social media for a good portion of their day. Whether it’s browsing, posting, reading, planning or being inspired, we all use our social media channels for a quick fix, but are you using it to your best advantage? I’ve collated a few tips on all the platforms we use so that you can make use of all its features.

Follow your vendors/service providers on social media.

This will help you get to know them while regularly keeping up to date with the work they are producing. If you have a while until your wedding, it is probably worth following a few and letting social media help you choose your favourite, it will help you identify how well they interact with customers, as well as when they tend to do discounts and offers.

Facebook is a Bride to Be’s best friend and here’s why:  

Groups: Create a Facebook group and include your Bridesmaids, your mum, maybe your wedding planner, your auntie who thinks she knows a florist, and whoever else is helping you with your wedding planning journey. That way you can share ideas, discuss, plan, create events and documents and easily keep everyone in the loop. It’s extremely easy to use and you can keep it private from other people, which you should. All the information is stored within the group so that you can go back and check on the information, this acts as a far better platform than a messenger or whatsapp group where you spend most of your time scrolling back and forth trying to find the name of that really nice afternoon tea place someone mentioned.

Events: Events are super easy to create and can be done in less than five minutes. Why not have a ‘Bridesmaid Craft Night’ and get the girls involved with making the place settings, or have an ‘Online Shopping Day’ where everyone is tasked with comparing prices for items on your shopping list, these events are not just great for saving you money but also a really good bonding experience for if your Bridesmaids aren’t from the same friendship groups.

Pages: There are so many good Facebook Pages run by genuinely lovely people that will allow you to vent and ask for advice as and when you need to. There will be several people on there just like you having the same issues that you thought only you were having, some pages also allow businesses to respond to recommendations so rather than spending time searching for vendors, put out a call and let them come to you, or even better let other women who have tried and tested these vendors recommend them.

Twitter, for the lucky ones.

Not my favourite social media platform and not something I use much personally but if you do have a twitter account search #weddinggiveaway a few times a week and there will be plenty of vendors and businesses running competitions where all you have to do is retweet to be in with a chance to win, it takes seconds and you never know your luck.

Pinterest: My best advice for pinterest is to be as unsociable as possible with it.

Do you really want your cousin with the beautiful Disney hair seeing how you’re styling your barnet on the big day, or your Mother in Law to see which lingerie you’re eyeing up? If not, start a secret board to pin your favourite wedding inspiration to so that there is still some mystery for your guests when the big day arrives. The secret boards can include other pinners if you want to include your Groom or your bridesmaids so they can have some insight as to what you’re planning. You can also use pinterest like a registry, create a gifts board and pin all your favourite things for yourself or the home from around the internet. That way anyone who follows you on pinterest have a great way to buy exactly what you want for your bridal shower or wedding gift.

Instagram: If you’re not on it already you should be.

Instagram is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite social media platform and rightly so, even if you don’t post content yourself you can follow your vendors, favourite wedding bloggers (ehem @edgeandvirtue), and brands for loads of inspiration and information right there on your news feed on a daily basis. Creating a #Hashtag for your wedding photos is becoming a massive trend, using their own creativity or Hashtag generators, couples are coming up with unique wedding hashtags for their wedding day and asking guests to tag pictures taken at their wedding with that so that once clicked, all the photos from all the guests are in one place instantly. It’s the millennial version of a disposable camera! You can make or purchase signs to place around the venue reminding guests to use the hashtag, see below for two examples which are for sale in our shop. It usually takes at least 6 weeks to get your wedding photos from your photographer so at least this way you will be able to see the day from your guests point of view and even see a few things you may have otherwise missed.








All the social media channels mentioned are free to use, and you may already be using them on a personal level, so you may as well utilise them for your big day too.

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