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2018 Wedding Cake Trends

Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake, the ornate staircase in your stately home venue, your love of modern décor, or the floral arrangement you’re having the day. From soft sugar ruffles to decadent drizzles, these cake styles will make a sweet statement for your wedding day, so find your favourite and let your star baker do the rest.

Metallic Cakes

Since the fashion industry reintroduced us to rose gold, metallics have been evident in everything wedding, from stationery to tableware, and cakes are no exception. Whether its vintage style gold and silver, or a more stylized and glamourous art-deco, metallics can be paired with most colours and adapt to pretty much any style. If an entire layer is too much for you, consider adding a little all over sparkle, such as edible glitter which will give an all over sheen to your cake without overpowering the design.



Sugar Ruffles 

For all over elegance, choose the flair of sugar ruffles. They need very little added detail but a few fresh flowers in between each tier or a few sugar flowers on top can add an avant-garde feel, or use rustic hessian for a country chic wedding. 


Naked Cakes

2018 has seen an increased popularity in the minimalist, deconstructed cake. For summer weddings fresh berries on show work well, while seasonal fruits like apples and blood orange fillings provide a lovely autumnal aura to your layers. The naked cake is a feast for the eyes and the appetite, guests know exactly what they’re getting rather than wondering what hides under that inch of icing and they’re perfect for a very rustic, undone wedding style. 


White on white 

While we’re talking inches of icing, the white wedding cake will never go out of style. Plain white cakes don’t need to be boring, you can still add all-white embellishments and dress up tiers with piped embroidery, flower cascades or embellishments. To add your own twist to the tradition, why not use alternative shapes for your layers such as hexagons, ovals, or a geometric mix?


Painted wedding cakes

White on white your worst nightmare? Sounds like you need something a bit more artsy. Marble, stained or monet inspired, have your tiers hand painted with solid colour layers or add simple flower accents. With intricate painting like this, it’s best to keep your tiers simple and stick to all one shape (all round or all square). 


Lace wedding cakes

Because you can never have enough lace! Since the return of the beautiful lace wedding dress to the aisles, bakers have been turning out beautiful embellished tiers in all shapes and sizes. Trending at the moment is the use of china patterns and bridal gown lace details to inspire the cake and tie it in with the chosen theme. Some have even replicated the buttons from the back of their gown in fondant, adding lace appliques around each tier. Colour is key with this design, it’s all about texture and works best with light tones with a little contrast. 


Woodland Wedding Cakes 

Earthy, whimsical wedding themes are always highly sought after so it’s no shock it’s a popular idea for the cakes too. Of course the cake needs to taste delicious, but a woodland aesthetic lets the cake and frosting do the talking. These cakes use a white or ivory canvas topped with fresh or lifelike flowers and leaves. The display will help carry the theme, placing a plain cake on a wood slice and surrounding it with foliage or wrapping it in a vine will instantly create the rustic vibe.


Geometric wedding cakes

For a contemporary reception setting geometric patterns such as squares, chevrons and stripes are a fun, fresh twist. 2017 saw a lot of fondant triangles rather than dots, with inspiration being pulled from home décor and fashion runways. It’s a good idea to stick with a simple colour palette for these style cakes, such as one bold colour and white, so the colours don’t compete too much and take away from the eye-catching design. 


Sugar flower bouquets

Whether you opt for fresh or sugar made, flower bouquets go hand in hand with beautiful wedding cakes. Clusters of sugar flowers dotted around the cake are becoming popular with bakers, the key is finding the right balance of size, shape and colour. A flower bouquet will work best on a pastel base colour such as peach or mint, this can then be finished off with a gold or silver metallic trim or bevelled lace for a simple yet sophisticated look. 


Illustrated wedding cakes

Did you know you can have anything you like printed on your wedding cake? From the design on your invitations to a motif from your theme, you can showcase them all on your cake tiers. Once the cake is covered in fondant, the design can be hand painted on, making it unique just to you. 


Ombre wedding cakes 

Another artful design idea is the ombre cake. The beauty of these cakes is that the colour sets the tone. Go for lilac to purple for a soft feminine feel, or opt for rusty reds and golds for instant glamour. Whether you go for the ‘barely there’ tint which fades to white or the rich saturated hue that transitions to mid tone, you can still cascade sugar flowers over the top to bring it even more to life. The amount of tiers you have may affect how much of a colour spectrum you can have, so do some research first and find one to suit your budget. There is also the option of ivory ombre which suits any tiered cake, so keep that in mind. 


Wedding Cake Trios and Quintets – 

Cake trios, quartets and quintet tables come with a few benefits. For one a large cake table gives you the opportunity to create a visually stunning display at your reception, another place to show off your colour scheme, but the main benefit is that you can choose a wider variety of cake flavours and offer your guests smaller portions of a few different cakes instead of one larger portion of just one flavour. 


Which leads us nicely onto our last one…

Cupcake Wedding Cakes! 

Looking to add even more flavour to your wedding cake? Adding cupcakes to your display is not only a great way to bring a combination of your favourite flavours together, but it’s also extremely cost effective. If you have a large guest list and want to cut down on the cake cost, swap in some supplementary desserts and take a tier or two off the cake. 

Adding cupcakes into the doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the wedding tradition, there’s plenty of room for both. You could customise a small one tier cake to suit the newlyweds and wedding party or opt for one of the cakes we have mentioned above that can feed all of your guests and give out the cupcakes as to-go treats or favours.


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