5 advantages to hiring a wedding planner

There are many reasons people hire someone to organise their big day, it’s assumed that they don’t know where to start with planning or they simply don’t have the time but there is so much more to be had from a wedding planner than alleviated stress, here are my top five.

1. A good wedding planner can SAVE YOU MONEY.

Of course it costs money to hire a wedding planner, but their money saving tips, access to lesser widely known professionals and negotiating skills can save you money in the end. Many planners also get discounts because of the business they’re able to generate, so they are able to pass those savings to you. The planner will know your budget and therefore know who to deal with, saving everybody time, effort and awkward conversations. They also help you with financial discipline, it’s easy to get carried away and overspend but you may end up regretting it afterwards, wedding planners can stop you from making emotionally-driven impulse buys and spend your money where it’s needed.

2. The less glamourous tasks are taken care of.

Of course you’re getting excited about the cake tasting, the mood boards and saying yes to the dress, but what about calling all the vendors, reviewing contracts, keeping track of payments and organizing the RSVPS for counts on food and décor? Thought not. Hire a wedding planner and you can leave the mundane tasks to her.

3. She could end up being the Wedding Fairy.

You speak to a photographer over Facebook, he takes lovely photos he seems reasonable he says yes and no in all the right places. You send him the wedding day agenda and he says he will see you then. But he doesn’t see you then, in fact you don’t see him at all. What do you do? You ask all your friends and family to pitch in and you can cover yourself that way, or your wedding planner already had someone ready on standby, who she calls as soon as she realises said photographer hasn’t turned up for the pre-wedding photographs. Your wedding planner will have contacts she can call on to save the day, why waste your time on your wedding day organising all the things that someone else can do for you?

4. You don’t need to consider other opinions.

Being bombarded with advice from your family, your friends, your neighbour and that woman at work who you have spoken to once? Get rid of all that with one easy sentence ‘My wedding planner is sorting that’. Wedding planners are impartial, they help you make the decisions you want to make, fend off any bad advice, and act as scapegoat for any decisions that aren’t popular with others. No wedding planner = full responsibility on your shoulders.

5. They make Destination Weddings a breeze.

Destination weddings are more popular than ever, and with the rise of social media and Instagram worthy shots of beautiful beaches and mountain tops is it any wonder? However if you thought planning a local wedding was stressful, try planning one from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. If you book a wedding planner in the country you’re looking to get married in, they are available to visit your site, speak with your vendors and accept delivery of items you want for your wedding day. They will also have local knowledge of non-wedding related things such as entertaining your guests when they’re not at the wedding, the best way for the guests to travel together for cheaper such as hiring a mini-bus, and the closest medical centres in case of an emergency.

This list of five could have easily been a list of ten. A wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but if you are set on having one make sure you’re getting a good price and that you don’t just require an ‘on the day coordinator’ who will arrange everything on the day for you like the décor and dealing with vendors etc but none of the preliminary services are included. A full package wedding planner will cost around 10-15% of your budget, as of course the bigger the wedding the more there is for them to do, but a minimum fee will apply. Some venues have wedding coordinators who will help you out a lot so have a think about what services you need before you make any decisions.


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