An Exciting Update

A few things have happened over the past few weeks which have led my social media channels and blog to take a back seat throughout April, however, there are five very good reasons for this, which I’m more than happy to share with you. 

  1. The official shop website is up and running! I will still be selling on etsy but is another platform that customers can purchase on, without needing an etsy account. It also gives you another way of contacting me. 
  2. Due to number 1, we are currently in the process of designing and creating some new lines. 
  3. Sales have increased since releasing the favour candles, they’ve proved very popular but as they’re all hand poured and decorated they’re also quite time consuming.
  4. I am blog writing, social media assisting and specialised item creating for other business’, to eventually work on collaborations with so you will see Edge and Virtue in more places.
  5. Last but most definitely not least, I have been enjoying some time with my family. Working part time as well as running Edge and Virtue has led me with some making up to do on the family front.

Now I have arranged my calendar a bit better I hope to be back to posting more regularly. A few of my friends are getting married over the next year and I have been doing some custom orders for them so expect to see those very soon.

About Author

Well hello!

I'm Emma, a graduate and mother who designs and creates affordable cards and gifts in her spare time (rather than baking, sewing, reading stories or chucking out the dead plants that have taken over the conservatory).

I started Edge & Virtue in 2017 because I couldn't find the perfect cards and gifts to give to the people I put up with every day, any I did find were unjustifiably expensive or mass printed for everyone to buy in our one local card shop, so I created an etsy shop for people just like me who had a varying degree of hatred towards the people in their life and therefore needed gifts and cards to accurately reflect this.

I live in Essex (there are mostly idiots here the tv show doesn't lie), where my family and job take up most of my time so I'm currently operating out of my terraced house which doesn't allow dogs, in a street where my neighbour calls himself 'Lord of the Close' so if you sense some angry and bitter tones in my work, you are not wrong my friend.

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