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A Candle’s Journey

Of all the favour candles we make and sell, the travel themed ones are by far our favourite so when Vanessa and Ishmael asked us to create a burnt orange Moroccan Spice candle we were super excited to get started.

The candle wax starts off as soy flakes, which are melted in a stainless steel pan over a hot plate, how long this takes depends on the amount of wax being burnt, keeping it on a low heat means it does take longer but the wax has less chance of burning off. Once the wax melts it’s left to cool before adding scent and dye. Each scent has something called a ‘flash point’ which is the optimum temperature the wax should be at before the scent is added to ensure the best scent throw.

Each favour candle is also hand-wicked, the wicks are held down with heat-proof sealant and left to dry for 18-24 hours before pouring.


The candles are then left for around 48 hours to set, the colour will usually lighten slightly in this time and lose its transparency. We use clothes pegs to keep the wicks straight as if they stray to one side the candle may not burn evenly.


The moroccan spice scent is easily one of our favourites so we love waiting for these ones to dry! We visited Marrakech in 2017 and the souks really are a treat for the senses, the┬átaste the ginger and nutmeg on your tongue while the rich musk of sandalwood and vanilla tickles your nostrils is a scent like no other and the perfect choice for a travel themed wedding! once set, the candles are decorated with our logo sticker on the lid, a hazard sticker for the bottom and the customer’s choice of label and twine.


To be able to create soy wax candles which not only bring back memories for us,, but create new memories for others is what we’re passionate about. We hope our candles will inspire all of Vanessa and Ishmael’s guests to visit the beautiful sights that Morocco has to offer.

Would you like us to create our vegan-friendly candles for your wedding favours? Drop us a message and let us create the perfect candle for your special day!

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