I started Edge & Virtue in November 2017 because I couldn’t find the perfect cards and gifts to give to the people I put up with every day, any I did find were unjustifiably expensive or mass printed for everyone to buy in our one local card shop, so I created an etsy shop for people just like me who had a varying degree of love and disgust for the people in their life and therefore needed gifts and cards to accurately reflect this. All items come in a branded envelope or box ready to give, so you can have the perfect gift sent to their door from the comfort of your own sofa, maybe I should have named the shop after what I encourage my customers to be; efficient and lazy.

A bit about me? I’m Emma, a psychology graduate with a qualification in wedding planning who works as a Civil Servant and runs a business on the side. A ‘Sidepreneur’ if you will. I’m also a parent. Describe myself in one word? Busy.

My first Etsy shop, Faith & String, was created to challenge my creativity. I never really intended for it to be a brand, it doesn’t have any values or catchy tag lines but I have sold bracelets in 36 countries, all but one of the States of America (come on New Mexico) and almost all of the UK postcodes. Edge and Virtue is different, it’s much more flexible and lets me try new things. I started designing new bracelets as my starting point but over the last couple of months I have branched out and learnt new skills, skills which I have spent a lot of time researching and wondering whether anyone else had hit the same bumps, so I decided to begin documenting the journey, including all the bad bits because there is already too much false positivity in the media and I am too honest for it.

My products are featured to be enjoyed, whether purchased or browsed I hope they give you a smile, but I aim to teach and inspire through this blog. I’m a real person who isn’t too busy for anyone wanting to learn or who has taken their time to give me feedback, I have no automated systems and reply to everything myself, perhaps not immediately but I will get there, so feel free to drop me an email, my details are on the contact us page.